Bring Safety To Your Passwords With Impenetrable Security Shield

Every protection requires a password but your passwords also need a tough shelter. Let DPS Password Guard protect your digital freedom.

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How DPS Password Guard Ensures Optimum Security?

DPS Password Guard is dedicatedly designed and developed to ensure safety across multiple channels that are prone to be stolen or attacked.


Your web browser is not just limited to let you access the internet. It has got all the passwords saved for your logins including your bank.


Your computer is a treasure for cybercriminals. If your passwords aren’t protected, they are more likely to be stolen and then misused.

Credit Card Details

Credit card scam is on the rise even after infinite safety methods used by the banks but you need a password guard to save the details.

Social Security Number

If the SSN is compromised any imposter can cause disaster in one’s life. It is important to to be a step ahead and save these data in DPS Password Guard.

Protection That Comes With Freedom Of Password Autofill

DPS Password Guard is made with the perfect blend of security and user-centricity. This is the only available password manager that not only saves your passwords with the strictest security algorithm but also lets users enjoy the freedom of automation.

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Just One Account To Safeguard All Your Passwords

DPS Password Guard is an easy-to-use tool that stores all your critical passwords under just one account to help you go through them whenever needed.

Remember the days when you had to remember every password that you need more often! There’s no shame in accepting that we’re humans and we can process only a piece of limited information. Thanks to DPS Password Guard that saves you from remembering any password for any website or account. Just one account and one password and you get to access every nook and corner of this seamless internet.

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Why Only DPS Password Guard For Your Password Protection?
  • One Password Access: You don’t have to remember all the passwords, just one master password to access all your accounts.

  • Auto-Fill Freedom: Who likes to beat keys on keyboards! Let DPS Password Guard do the efforts of filling your forms with just one click.

  • Remove Security Traces: Clean your computer from any sort of private and confidential data with DPS Password Guard.

  • Auto-Sync Among Browsers: No need to re-feed the data when you change your internet browser. DPS Password Guard automatically synchronizes it for you.

  • Easiest To Use: From a 5-year-old kid to a 100-year senior citizen, DPS Password Guard is designed for every age group with its ease of use.

How Does DPS Password Guard Help Protect Passwords?

Starting from employing the latest security algorithm and codes running towards protecting your confidentiality to the user-friendly and intuitive interface, DPS Password Guard offers you to create a master password that is your key to access all the saved passwords. No one has access to your saved passwords as they’re residing encrypted over multiple remote servers.

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3 Easy Steps To Safeguard Your Passwords

Get DPS Password Guard to secure your passwords in just 3 easy steps i.e. scan, store and clean.


Every password that you would ever need is safely stored, now it is time to remove any traces of your passwords and identity from your system.


Scan your Windows computer to find existing passwords and identity traces that need security.


Now that your passwords have been detected, it is time to protect them in the safest vault of DPS Password Guard.

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